Five Types of Students Who Should Choose a Spring Accelerated Program in 2022

As you probably already know, USAC has launched a new program model that allows you to study abroad for less than 90 days, available in Spring 2022. It was created to help make study abroad even more feasible for every student.

If you haven’t read up on our Spring Accelerated programs, you can check out this blog post where we detail the ins and outs of this new model. If you’re wondering if a Spring Accelerated program makes sense for you and your academic career, keep on reading!   

Quarter System Students 

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Students studying abroad in Shanghai, China. Photo taken before COVID-19.

We understand that students attending quarter system schools have a hard time studying abroad during the spring semester. Due to scheduling conflicts, many of you just can’t make it happen. Well, we hear you, and we know the struggle! Our Spring Accelerated programs are ideal for students in this scenario. Programs start in early January and run through mid-to-late March, fitting perfectly between winter break and summer quarter. While these programs aren’t only open to quarter system students, we definitely had you in mind when creating them! 

Students on a Budget 

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USAC students hanging out in Plaza Moyua in Bilbao, Spain. Photo taken before COVID-19.

One great perk of choosing an accelerated program is the price. We know that study abroad, no matter where you go or how long you’re there, comes with some big financial decisions. Fortunately, affordability is a big part of USAC’s mission, and by offering condensed programs, we’re able to make study abroad even more affordable. Program fees vary by location, but you can find full pricing information by navigating to the “Fees and Deadlines” section of each program page. (P.S. USAC scholarships are available for Spring Accelerated programs, too!). 

Working Students 

A group of students in Bengaluru, India during a study abroad
A group of students in Bengaluru, India during a study abroad. Photo taken before COVID-19.

With the financial decisions that come with study abroad also comes the very big decision to put your income on hold in order to pursue your international dreams. If you typically work during the semester, consider a Spring Accelerated program! Not only are they less expensive than a full semester abroad, you’ll be away from work for a shorter period of time.  

Students Who Want to Test the Waters 

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Students pose for a photo at the Bund in Shanghai, China. Photo taken before COVID-19.

Study abroad is a big deal for anyone, especially if you aren’t a well-seasoned traveler, and the prep it takes to get there can be overwhelming. Most of our Spring Accelerated locations don’t require a visa for students attending a program that is shorter than 90 days, which can help a lot when it comes to planning and preparing for your study abroad (it also gives us all more time to make those post-COVID study abroad decisions.). It’s a great bonus that makes an overwhelming process a little easier. Plus, if you’re not super comfortable being out of the country for too long, 90 days is a good middle ground between a short summer program and a full semester (or year!). Spring Accelerated programs provide novice travelers with the opportunity to live that study abroad life without separating themselves from life back home for too long (although we definitely recommend studying abroad as long as you possibly can, of course!).  


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A student takes a photo break while exploring Prague, Czech Republic. Photo taken before COVID-19.

If you’re starting your senior year and find yourself thinking, “Man, I wish I had studied abroad” (which you must be if you’re here reading this blog!), a Spring Accelerated program might fit into your final semester. We always recommend meeting with your academic advisor to ensure you’re able to fulfill any final credits you need to graduate, of course, but the March program end date gives you plenty of time to make it back to your home university for that cap toss.

USAC’s new 2022 Spring Accelerated programs are open to students of all majors and circumstances, but these are just a few of the main types of students who might benefit from an accelerated program. If you’re interested in learning more about our Spring Accelerated programs, visit the USAC website.