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France, Japan, Korea, & UK

From London bathrooms to Korean fried chicken, University of Nevada, Reno students and alumni shared their advice and most valuable study abroad experiences in France, Japan, Korea, and the UK on THE Study Abroad Pod.


Dominic Motter chose to study abroad in England while he worked on his business and sports management degree. Watching early morning English soccer games with his dad growing up played a large role in his decision.

“Seeing the culture and everything behind that sport and my English family heritage were the biggest reasons why I chose the London Program,” he said.

Dominic shared tips on English public bathrooms which are not free to the public. He advises incoming students to get cash as soon as you land to prevent any awkward restroom emergencies.


First-generation Mexican American Angelica Gutierrez became the first in her family to study abroad. Wooed by the Korean language and culture, she chose the Yeosu program in Gwangju, Korea. An aspiring polyglot, K-Pop, and K-drama fan, Angelica was able to share her South Korean adventures with both her brother and sister during her semester abroad.

A top tip she shared for students who wear makeup, was to research makeup brands in their host country.

“In Korea, there weren’t really any shades for my skin color, so it was really great that I had brought some with me,” she said.


A forest ecology and management and French language major, Olivia Braun, was influenced by her dad’s love of French culture to study abroad in Lyon, France.

“I started studying French for him and ending up falling in love with the language … learning it has brought me so much joy, and I feel like a better global citizen,” she said.

While in Lyon, Olivia volunteered as a language exchange partner working with students studying English and found the experience incredibly rewarding. She was also able to host her friend, an Army servicemember of the 101st Airborne Division, and visit the beaches at Normandy during her time abroad. Olivia described the moment they reached Omaha Beach and saw the Les Braves Memorial Monument as incredible.


KayCee Carlen wanted to seize the day and live abroad before the pressure of post-graduation job seeking became a reality. The Nagasaki, Japan program was the perfect fit for her and helped to level up her Japanese language skills.

“I came back being able to read full on articles when I had struggled with children’s books before I left,” she said.

To make her dream a reality, she applied for all and every scholarship she thought she qualified for.

“My family told me that if the price exceeded my normal semester cost, they weren’t going to help me fund it at all,” she said. “I felt spent a lot of time looking into scholarships and applying, and my hard work paid off! I was able to attend at a far lower cost than my usual tuition.”

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