My Experience with a Research Internship in Chiang Mai

For the past few months during my study abroad in Thailand, I have been participating in a research internship with Dr. Christopher Fisher, helping and learning from him with his personal small business Metta Medicine, which consists of herbal supplements and teas. Along with this, I also shadow him in his research that he is doing for products such as the Pyra Light and Ajna Light. This internship has taught me more than I could have imagined and has brought out many opportunities.

While helping with the production of herbal supplements and teas, Dr. Chris has been teaching me about the process of having a small business like his own. I am not only learning about the herbs themselves and how to use them but about the logistics and business aspects behind it. It has been inspiring to learn and hopefully one day own a business like this myself.

Aside from the herbs, this internship has allowed me to really network and explore the alternative health community. Through Chris, I met Guy Harriman who is the creator of the Pyra and Ajna Lights. These products have the ability to heal and further deepen one’s consciousness. Working with Chris and Guy has been so interesting because they have such innovative and exploratory minds. I’m feeling thankful to have landed in this internship at this time because their products seem to be creating a positive impact on a growing amount of people.

I am learning more than I could have ever imagined from this opportunity. It has pushed me to explore and reach out within the community, understand more energetically, and embrace innovation. I’m excited to see how the products grow and where this takes me within this next semester.

Haley Westmoreland is a Colorado State University, Fort Collins student. She studied abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand in Fall 2017-Spring 2018.


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