Compassion for the Children of Leprosy Village China

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Sometimes one thing leads to another, and you discover a renewed sense of compassion and move into action. Read on to see what a couple of students did to help young children in China realize their potential.

Josh Arrage (Clemson) and Kia Hitt (from Messiah College) are both doing an internship with Oriental Holy Land Foundation, a charity foundation with a main focus to help the children of the families affected by leprosy and others battling cerebral palsy. 

Since leprosy patients have been placed into isolated areas far away from cities, their children who are perfectly normal never get the chance to see and experience the outside world. We were told that they are always upbeat and have nothing but smiles on their faces for anyone who visits their remote village. The foundation is currently raising funds to build a library for them and bring more awareness to their cause. This is when inspiration hit.

Our students decided to make a heartfelt video to let the children know that “we know about them and we would like to get to know them better.” The video’s background music is fitting, “Beijing Welcome You” music from the Olympics in 2008. Our USAC students introduced themselves and told the kids there is “one world, one dream.”

Josh and Kia did an inspiring work with their video. And as if the video wasn’t already enough, the students pulled together to make some beautiful greetings cards for the children. Both the video and the cards will be sent to the village and I am sure it will be met with warm emotions and lasting memories for children that have never stepped outside the village.

Wentao, Resident Director, Chengdu, China Program.



If you’re interested to find your hidden passion for other cultures like Josh and Kia, then try exploring Chengdu, China for yourself!