Chance Encounter with Jude Law in Viterbo, Italy

jude and USAC
There is a great chance you’ll see many amazing things in Viterbo: Beautiful Roman architecture, and colorful culture festivals. But I bet you’d be knocked-on-your-butt stunned to meet actor Jude Law.

Students were walking through town the other night and noticed a man who had an uncanny resemblance to Jude Law. Much to their surprise, it was actually him! Jude is in Viterbo filming the HBO Series, The Young Pope, and the students were able to take a photo with him.

USAC VT students with Jude Law

Jude Law spoke with our Resident Director Stefano and in grand fashion led to a friendly invitation to speak at the first week’s installment of cinema class. To which Jude Law gladly said yes. Stefano admitted he “Set the bar pretty high.” Considering this was the first week of class.

Sure enough, Jude kept his promise and came in to speak to the class and do a question and answer session, much to the students’ and faculty’s enjoyment.

Nate, a student in attendance, shared his thoughts with us about meeting Jude Law,

“He engaged students directly, and seemed equally comfortable answering both professional and personal questions. This willingness to share a few of his experiences led to a refreshingly open forum, something one might not expect of a movie star–especially one potentially annoyed by 60-odd fellow English speakers in the midst of his beautiful trip to Italy. If that was the case, we never could tell (professional actor). Nice guy.”

What we learned? Jude is just like us, curious about the world, different cultures and languages, really, just a down-to-earth guy albeit a little more well-known than most.

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