Celebrating International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day celebrates the global needs of literacy and advocates for providing easy access to literature across the world.

As a student who is studying abroad, there are a variety of ways you can contribute to international literacy, not only on September 8 but during your entire time abroad. At USAC we pride ourselves on the comprehensive education and cultural exposure that you’ll receive while on our programs.

USAC offers many amazing programs where students can study literature related to the local culture. Where better to read Shakespeare than in London or Verona?! Cervantes in Spain or Neruda in Chile?  Rushdie in India or Sun Tzu in China?

If you’d rather teach than learn, you’ll find endless opportunities to work with local children in classrooms on nearly every USAC program site.

According to the International Literacy Association, “the ability to read, write, and communicate connects people to one another and empowers them to achieve things they never thought possible.” When you study abroad you become a global citizen and can be a part of changing international literacy.

If you’re looking to take literature and literacy-related courses here are the opportunities available through USAC.

Program Sites with Literature Courses

Alicante, Spain
Bangalore, India
Bilbao, Spain
Brighton, England
Chengdu, China
Cork, Ireland
Czech Republic, Prague
Florianópolis, Brazil
Gwangju, Korea
Haifa, Israel
Heredia, Costa Rica
Kraków, Poland
London, England
Lüneburg, Germany
Lyon, France
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Madrid, Spain
Montevideo, Uruguay
Nagasaki, Japan
Oslo, Norway
Pau, France
Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Reggio Emilia, Italy
San Ramón, Costa Rica
San Sebastián, Spain
Santiago, Chile
Seoul, South Korea
Shanghai, China
St. Andrews, Scotland
Torino, Italy
Valencia, Spain
Växjö, Sweden
Verona, Italy
Viterbo, Italy

Explore literature courses in these programs. 

If teaching is more your thing, a majority of USAC programs offer volunteer, internship, and service learning experiences in local schools working with children ages preschool to high school. To learn if your program has any opportunities you can work with your enrollment specialist or the on-site USAC staff.

Here are just a few reflections from students who have worked in local schools across the world during their time abroad.

Teaching English at a Thai Municipal School

16 Student Reflections on Teaching English in Alicante

Teaching English Abroad – A Volunteer Opportunity


Torino, Italy – Internship: Teaching local kindergartners English

Whether you’re preparing for your study abroad, are currently abroad, or have already returned home, we hope you embrace International Literacy Day every day and take advantage of the variety of opportunities that USAC provides to help make the world a more literate place.