#BlackLivesMatter – A Letter from USAC’s CEO/President

To the USAC Community:

We are deeply disturbed by the acts of racial injustice and indignity that have plagued the country. The death of Mr. Floyd and too many others has sparked a movement of change that was long overdue. We recognize inequity is not new within our society. We stand in solidarity with the Black community and committed to do our part to effect change because #BlackLivesMatter.

Many people involved in the field of education do so because it’s fundamentally about change – studying it, shaping it, accepting it, participating in it and causing it. One of the questions we at USAC are asking ourselves in these times is how to be involved in actionable change. How can we do better? One way to begin is by looking into ourselves – as individuals and as an organization — and committing to improvement through listening, learning, and action – and by re-emphasizing our mission and core values.  As educators, we aim to unite with others and to learn from one another. As international educators, we encourage and urge the respectful exchange of ideas and acceptance of varying viewpoints, far beyond classrooms and campuses. Across cultures and the world, we seek out what we don’t know so that we can learn and be stronger from it.  It is time to examine our behaviors, beliefs and biases as people and a society – with courage. We must stand together against injustice and racism. Only together –respecting ourselves and each other –can we make the necessary strides forward.

Our organization’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and education is steadfast. We are committed to learning, to continuing to take steps forward – and together – to do our part to build a more fair, safe and unified global community.

Alyssa Nota, PhD

USAC CEO/President