Bilbao, Spain: A Cultural Encounter


Our Bilbao, Spain Resident Director, Ibon Zamanillo and his staff abroad have been fairly busy this past month! Taken from an monthly update received from our USAC Bilbao, Spain program.

Cultural-Friday-dinner“On one of our cultural Fridays, right after Spanish classes, we took students to a txoko, a private gastronomic society, where members of the “Peña del Athletic” (supporters of the local soccer team Athletic de Bilbao) usually meet to watch games and celebrate together. They enjoyed several traditional Basque dishes:  chorizo, txistorra, tortilla (Spanish omelette), grilled mushrooms and other delicacies.”

Artxanda“Last Friday we took the funicular up to Artxanda, a small hill surrounding Bilbao, from where students could enjoy a wonderful panoramic view on Bilbao and the surrounding areas, with the new Iberdrola Tower standing out as the tallest building, the new recently constructed soccer stadium and the river snaking through the city.”

And, these events were just the beginning! Ibon and his USAC team, like most of our programs, know the ins and outs of their city and even more so, what events are happening!

  • This Friday, Frank Gehry (the well-known US architect who built the Guggenheim Museum) is returning to Bilbao on the occasion of his 85th birthday, together with his wife and children. There will be an official gala dinner with over 400 guests invited.  Argentinian-Israeli pianist and orchestra conductor Daniel Baremboim will give a Schubert concert in his honor before the gala dinner.
  • Bilbao will host an Economic Summit on Monday, March 3rd, that will meet, among other participants, Christine Lagarde, the director of the IMF, Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister, Iñigo Urkullu, President of the Basque Government as well as several members of the European Commisssion (including Joaquín Almunia, the High Commissioner for Competition) and other relevant people of industry and economic fields. King Carlos I will inaugurate the Economic Summit at the Guggenheim Museum.
  • According to a report from the newspaper Financial Times, Bilbao ranks the fourth position among the most attractive cities in Southern Europe for foreign investments. Barcelona leads this classification, followed by the Portuguese cities Lisbon and Oporto. Bilbao ranks fourth, followed by the Spanish cities Valencia, Madrid, Murcia, Skopje (Macedonia), Sevilla and Málaga.

Bilbao, Spain is a great metropolitan city with much to offer its students. Check out our video of the program.


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