Authentic Chow Mein Recipe from USAC Shanghai

When you take a cooking class abroad you can bet that you’ll come home with the inside secrets of making the most authentic food from your host country.

For USAC Shanghai students taking the Chinese Cuisine course,  they recently learned how to make authentic Shanghai Fry Noodle (chow mein).

Prepping to cook some chow mein Students getting ready to eat chow mein in USAC Shanghai

After seeing these photos, our mouths were watering and we had to ask for the recipe!

If you’re ready to bring this Chinese staple to your kitchen, take a lesson or two from our USAC Shanghai students and follow this recipe! If you need a measurement converter, we recommend this one on

Shanghai Fry Noodle

Want to cook your noodles like a pro? Check out these videos of the students and the instructor cooking!

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