Alumni Story: Brighton Alumna Constance

Brighton-Alum-ConstanceI studied in Brighton, UK in 2012 and recently returned to the London for a brief visit. While there, I marveled at the wealth of experiences I’d had just two years ago, but the most exciting part was the knowledge gained for getting around London, and even back down to Brighton by rail for a day.

Our Brighton staff, Mary and Becca, did such an amazing job in orienting us to transportation and culture, that I felt quite comfortable on my own this time. The USAC experience was something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life and I hope to study abroad again in the near future!

USAC-flyerOn another wonderful note, when I was a student, my home university (Grand Canyon University) did not have many students participating in USAC programs, nor was my advisor even acquainted with the program. I shared with the department my experience and hopes that GCU would get more involved; and in February while on campus for a meeting, I saw a USAC flyer hanging in the coffee shop!!!

Thanks for changing my life, and that of my fellow “Lopes”!





Thanks for the update, Constance!

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