A Cultural Journey Through Thailand, Part I

The following is an excerpt to Donielle Steven’s blog while in USAC‘s Chiang Mai, Thailand program and the beginning of a series of Thailand blog entries and updates from Donielle.

This is only the Beginning:

donielleAs I walk out the door of my new apartment I am overwhelmed with sounds and smells, all foreign and exotic. “Sa-wat-dee Kah” the security guard says to me with a wai and a smile, “Sa-wat-dee Kah” I return as she politely laughs at my accent and shy wai. As I make my way out to the street I smell the sweet flowers and luscious, overgrown leaves that bloom all across the city. The birds are chirping, roosters cock-a-doodle-dooing and cats meowing; the city is waking up. The local stray dog, known as “Cafe” follows me down the street sniffing my heels. I get a whiff of the street market where the local people have just started to prepare their grills with foreign food that looks both tempting and strange. Pork on a stick, sushi, sweet corn, mango, Chinese apples, deep fried chicken, pad thai and lots of other things I can’t identify yet. Traffic roars with vespas and motorcycles, taxis and tuk tuks that fill the city streets. I pass cafes that fill my nose with rich coffee, tea and fresh fruit smoothies-a local favorite.

donielle-and-friends-in-boat (1)

The weather is warm with a cooling breeze, it is perfect. If it weren’t for my height, light hair, pale skin and overall demeanor, I would fit right in with the other university students in uniform. But the Thai people are friendly despite my alien appearance, they greet me and smile genuinely as I pass, wondering where I come from.

Here, life is slower, pace is slower. “Jai Yen,” the locals say, “Chill out” have a “Calm Heart”. I can finally breathe here, time is of no matter as long as the soul is content. Truly the best way to live.

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