A Charming Day in Bath, England

I adore London and wouldn’t change its beat and eccentricity for anything, but I’ve found I sometimes yearn to visit somewhere with less siren noise. I found my peace and quiet in Bath, England, a town only two hours away from London’s Paddington station. You can choose to explore Bath on your own time whenever you want, or USAC offers a field trip included in your program fees. 

Bath is full of history, picturesque architecture, and many gardens, much like London, but it’s smaller and has its own character. London is a city that’s constantly changing, but Bath seems to have charmingly stayed in the past.

When in Bath, you must visit the gardens. Parade Garden is a short walk away from Bath Spa station. Adorned with the greenest grass, prettiest flowers, and with a views of English hills, it’s the perfect place to have a picnic with friends. Parade Gardens is right next to Pulteney Bridge, one of Bath’s most iconic spots.

Fancy a cup of tea? Have Afternoon Tea in The Pump Room, a restaurant with white table cloths and classical music played by pianist. Enjoy Afternoon Tea or lunch under a chandelier and feel like the royalty. Fun fact: If it’s your birthday, the pianist will play “Happy Birthday” to you.

After Afternoon Tea in The Pump Room, go next door and explore the Roman Baths. Bath has preserved the historical site where Romans would bathe and socialise. Some Romans would visit the baths because it was believed that the water had healing powers.

If you’re a fan of Jane Austen (well-known for Pride and Prejudice) or simply love to read, Bath is the place for you. Austen spent a lot of her life in Bath with her family. You can visit the homes she lived in, areas she spent time in, and spots that inspired her work. Want to get to know the writer more? Visit The Jane Austen Centre, a museum about Austen.

It’s hard to get to know a city in a day, but Bath is one of those rare cities you can get to know in a small period of time. So, catch a train to Bath and wander around one of England’s most winsome cities.

Crystal Lugo is a University of Nevada, Reno student who studied abroad in London, England.