Videos that Perfectly Depict Studying Abroad in Thailand

Sometimes it can be difficult to picture yourself in another country. Sure, you know you want to study abroad, and you can imagine yourself doing it, but you can’t imagine what the day-to-day will look like. This is particularly true when you visit a country like Thailand, where the culture will be 100% different than what you’re used to in the U.S.

What’s even more, time abroad for a USAC student is different than a tourist or even other international students. The days are filled with academics, field trips, exploration, discovery, and unexpected activities. It’s a non-stop journey that you won’t want to trade for anything in the world.

However, it always helps to know what you’re getting into. The best way to do this is through the eyes of those who have gone before you.

The following videos were shot by USAC alum who studied in Chiang Mai. Check out a first-hand look at what to expect when you study abroad in Thailand with USAC in the playlist below.

2 thoughts on “Videos that Perfectly Depict Studying Abroad in Thailand”

  1. Hi — I’m a student at clemson university and just got back from my study abroad program in Thailand, Australia, New Zealand. I made my first travel video and would love for y’all to use if your interested.

    See below


    Noah Wallace

  2. Thanks Noah, that’s an awesome video, and we’d love to share it! We’ll be sending you an email shortly!

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