5 Weird Things to Do in Prague

No study abroad experience would be complete without a couple out of the ordinary experiences.

Prague is the perfect place to let your weird flag fly.

If you’re looking for things to do in Prague that are a little non-traditional and funky, consider these five unique experiences.

#1: Go to a festival

Wait, what’s weird about a festival? Well, I guess that depends on the type of festival you’re attending, but Prague has a few interesting holidays, Carodejnice being one of them. This special Prague holiday commentates over burning a fake “witch.” Stay after to enjoy lots of costumes, food trucks, and live music. Lots of other festivals take place and have the special “Prague” touch.

#2: Eat dinner with Michael Myers

Nightmare Bar is located near old town is dedicated to your favorite horror films. Cozy up to horror memorabilia and great music. 

#3: Play mini golf below a historical landmark

Underneath the large radio TV tower, (named ugliest in Europe) that adds an apocalyptic vibe to the city, play a quick round of mini golf. If you’re wanting to escape the crowds, embark on a night time mini golf session.

#4: Eat inside a school bus

Located in Helosovice (a cooking school in Prague), listen to old school tunes and try new styles of burgers.  You’ll quickly discover these are the best burgers in Prague.

#5: Follow the eccentric art trail

A famous artist, David Cerny, has work scattered throughout the city. Known for his political stances and out-of-the-box thinking, his works make Prague all the weirder. Visit the unnerving babies, Kafka’s rotation head, or two men peeing on the Czech Republic.

There you have it, a few funky things to do during your time in the amazing city of Prague!

Cassie Newman studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic in Spring 2018. During her time in Prague, she served as a digital communications intern for USAC.