7 Things to Take Advantage of that USAC Offers

Studying abroad comes with a lot more opportunities than simply taking classes overseas. In fact, most students usually don’t realize just how many experiences that’ll be available to them during a study abroad.

We recommend taking full advantage of your time abroad, we also advise that you don’t constrain yourself by a must complete bucket list.

In order to provide students with a well-rounded and valuable experience, USAC organizes a variety of fun trips and activities so that you can immerse yourself in the culture and spend time enjoying your time abroad.

From connecting with locals, to working on language skills, to volunteering and internship opportunities, you’ll never be at a loss of ways to fully emerge yourself in your new home.

Here are seven things to take advantage of while studying abroad.

1. Short Day Trips and Sightseeing Tours

No matter which program you choose to go on, USAC offers plenty of field trip opportunities. Students typically spend the whole day sightseeing, visiting museums, hidden coffee shops, touring factories, or anything that really stands out about the country they are in. No matter where you choose to go, from Bangalore to Bristol, we want you to have a good time, so be sure to take advantage of these fun group activities!

Isla Negra field trip, the home of Pablo Neruda
USAC Santiago students take a day trip to Isla Negra, the home of Pablo Neruda

2. Volunteering and Internships

Gaining valuable job experience and/or volunteering to help in the community is a request we receive often from students. USAC offers student internship placement in a variety of fields–whatever it is, we can help you find it. There are also several opportunities to volunteer while you’re abroad. Placements in local schools and orphanages are just a couple from your long list of options.

Center for the blind_Thailand
Students volunteer at the Center for the Blind in Thailand

3. Optional Overnight Tours

USAC offers a variety of overnight tours which provide students with a chance to see popular places like Venice or Paris. USAC is known for providing programs in non-traditional locations that contain minimal tourists and more culture, and a majority of alumni from our programs say they were extremely glad they went on the optional tours that are offered. Many students love living in the unique areas of the country, but still want to see the big cities. USAC offers trips of varying lengths to these “must-sees” so no one feels like they didn’t get to check off their bucket list items. It’s also a great way to bond with the people on your program while traveling and experiencing something new.

Venice Tour
Students explore Venice during the Optional Tour

4. Language Partners

When you go abroad, sign up to be paired with a language partner. Not only is it great language practice to speak with a local, but they can be an excellent resource for finding fun places to go around town. While they’ll help you perfect your language skills you’ll also help them with their English. Don’t be surprised if your language partner becomes a lifelong friend that you can visit every time you return to your study abroad city!

Students in China talking with language partner
Students in China talking with language partner

5. Cultural Classes

If you’re looking for something you won’t find at your home university, check out one of the cultural classes that are offered. From cuisine to dancing, or yoga or surfing classes–they are a great way to get hands-on experience learning about the culture while still earning credit for it! Plus, if you take a cuisine course, you’ll never go hungry. Surfing in Brazil, anyone? How about cooking in Italy?


Students participating in surfing class

6. Support From On-Site Staff

No matter which USAC study abroad program you’re attending, you will have a variety of support from the central office (located in Nevada) to your on-site and overseas staff. Depending on your study abroad location, you may have an on-site USAC staff or you may have the international office of the overseas university at your disposal.

We recommend you get to know these staff members and take full advantage of the fact that they’re there for you! They can help you set up travel plans, work out any issues, adjust to the culture, put you in touch with locals, and make sure your experience is everything it can be.

The Resident Director in Heredia (in white) takes students to a local futbol game

7. Travel Opportunities

While USAC is an academic-based program, we know that a large reason that students study abroad is to see the world. USAC programs put you in the heart of world famous destinations and most of our programs are located in cities that are easy to travel to and from. No matter which USAC program you choose, you can count on being able to see the world on weekends and during breaks from class.

Prague students in front of the Belvedere Castle in Vienna
USAC Prague students in front of the Belvedere Castle in Vienna

Don’t miss the variety of opportunities and experiences that come with study abroad! The possibilities are endless.