4 Articles to Help with Returning from Study Abroad

It’s the hardest time of the semester, returning from study abroad.

You just spent several months having the best time of your life, meeting new friends, exploring new cultures, discovering yourself, and just like that it comes to an end. Now what?

Essentially it’s time to deal with all the feels, or avoid all the feels until you make your way back abroad, whatever works for you.

Truth is, there’s no easy way around the emotions that come with returning from study abroad. Every student will take their own re-entry journey, which is why we’ve rounded up several blog posts from USAC alumni and staff that are honest, relatable, and necessary reading for dealing with the re-entry blues.

Reverse Culture Shock: Coming Home From Abroad

Reverse culture shock is a real thing and this article helps break down what it is and provides valuable resources.

Reverse Culture Shock

3 Hard Truths About Coming Home from Abroad

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, but this article gets straight to the point about what you may feel when you return from study abroad.

3 Hard Truths About Coming Home from Abroad

The Transition Home

Sarah talks about her transition back to the U.S., the difficulties and challenges faced and how to embrace all the feelings that come with returning from study abroad.

Almost There: The Value of an Unfulfilled Study Abroad

Feeling unfulfilled with your study abroad experience? Seven years after studying abroad in San Sebastián, Spain, Michael shares his thoughts on why it’s okay to want more from your study abroad journey.

Almost There: An Unfulfilled Study Abroad Journey

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