4 Ways to Travel on a Budget During Study Abroad

Everyone knows that studying abroad is a pretty big financial investment. Traveling to and living in another country is pricey, especially with a visa and a schedule that may not allow you to pick up a side job. Not to mention, the amount of traveling students want to do while abroad is usually a whole different kind of expensive. There are, however, a couple tips and tricks you can utilize to keep costs as low as possible while simultaneously seeing as much of the world as possible!

Here are four ways you can travel on a budget during your study abroad.

1. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

When looking to leave town, be sure to cover all your bases. Plane tickets can come cheap with certain airlines, but a lot of times a bus or a train may get you there for far less money. Plus, when you factor in the time it takes to get to the airport and go through security, hopping on a train or bus may end up being much more efficient time-wise as well. Don’t forget to check car sharing apps like Uber or BlaBlaCar to find even better deals on travel!

2. Prime Real Estate

While 5-star hotels may be nice, it’s not always possible to sleep in style while on a budget. Many cities in Europe have affordable and accommodating hostels, a good alternative to the classic hotel. An added bonus is the fact that guests from all over the world will be there exploring the city too, so you might just make a friend or two. Another good option is an Airbnb. Look for one that doesn’t charge extra for additional guests and split the cost between a group. Plus, having a kitchen is a huge plus if you want to buy groceries and cook to save on eating out!

3. Avoid the ATM

Pick a budget before you leave and stick to it! Decide how much you’re going to need to spend on food, travel, accommodation, and gifts before you leave and pull cash out at home. Try not to let yourself spend anything extra unless absolutely necessary! This way, there will be no surprises the next time you check your bank account.

4. Study all Discounts

Seeing as you’re here to study, take advantage of your student status! Everywhere you go, be sure to ask about a student discount. Restaurants, shops, and more sometimes offer 5, 10, and even 20% off prices for students just like you. Present a student ID or other proof of your studies to reap even more study abroad benefits. While studying overseas often seems like a pricey investment, it’s not too hard to make it work on a budget.

If you’re a student who loves to travel don’t fight the prices, simply try your best to work with them. Even if your weekend plans don’t end up being financially realistic, a good old staycation can be just as fun! You are abroad, after all…

McKenna Keller is currently studying abroad in Torino, Italy.  To learn more about our Italy programs, visit our website.