28 Days Left Before I Leave for Cuba

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Leah recently shared with us her excitement to be one of the first students with USAC to venture into La Habana, Cuba. Enjoy her first entry 28 Days Left Before I Leave for Cuba!

Surprisingly enough, the days are flying by! I was going to post 30 days out but I got so excited I started packing instead! Problem is, I still need a lot of the things I’m going to be taking on my trip. Not to mention my suitcase is starting to look a lot like a rainbow. I’ll have to work on that. The final count down is definitely in full effect!

Another thing, a few weeks ago I watched Chef with my family (Netflix is everyone’s best friend) and I got a really cool idea for my trip! I want to take a short video clip everyday and make a video out of my Study Abroad experience. And when I say short I mean short! If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m getting at (like two seconds a day; should be easy with Snapchat nowadays). If not, well, you’ll just have to wait until I get back and check it out. (Or you could always watch Chef).

There’s so much to look forward to it’s hard to pinpoint what I’m most excited about. It has come down to meeting my host family and my field trip to Cuba!  While I am super excited to meet my new familia, Cuba has had closed boarders [littlelostleah.files.wordpress.com]to Americans since the 1960’s. TIME Magazine describes the island as a time warp. I wish I could say I knew the history better, but Cuba has been nothing much for anyone to talk about my whole life. I will be among the first few to venture into our somewhat mysterious neighbor’s backyard.

There seems to be a lot of fear circling Cuba but I cannot say I share that fear. It’s almost like Cuba is the haunted house on the block. Nobody goes in, nobody comes out! All the more reason to check it out right?!  I don’t mean to sounds reckless or arrogant, but it goes without saying to: ‘proceed with caution’. As far as I am concerned, Cuba is this unknown parameter. The country’s culture will be uniquely beautiful and eye opening in its own way.  I look forward to forming my own opinions of Cuba with little predisposition.



Join us abroad and discover La Habana, Cuba for yourself!

P.S. Chef is a great movie, though, it may cause you to yearn for authentic Cuban cuisine ;D