16 Opportunities That Will Make You Want to Study Abroad in Valencia, Spain

Have you been dreaming of España? When you envision your study abroad experience, if it includes an active Mediterranean city known for history, arts and sciences, located close to the beach and filled with immersion opportunities, then Valencia is the place for you.

There’s never a bad time to be in Valencia, especially with USAC. When you study abroad with us, we organize a variety of activities that help you interact with the locals, immerse in the culture, bond with other students (local and foreign), and have the well-rounded study abroad experience you’re dreaming of.

Here are 16 opportunities and activities available to students who study abroad in Valencia for the summer, semester, or year.

Barcelona & Girona Field Trip

If you’re studying abroad in the summer or fall, you’ll want to take advantage of the three-day optional tour to Barcelona and Girona. This field trip can be taken as a one-credit field study or just as a tour for pleasure. During the trip, you’ll head to Barcelona to explore the city, admire Gaudí masterpieces, and get an authentic introduction into Basque pintxos. Next, you’ll head to Girona, known for medieval architecture and history.

The Barcelona & Girona field trip is offered at the end of the summer and before the fall term. If you’re studying abroad in the spring you have a similar field study option to Spain’s capital, Madrid.

Valencia City Tour

Once you arrive in Valencia, we’ll help you get your bearings with a city tour. You’ll visit the most historical monuments, city center, and learn the best way to explore your new home.


Albufera Natural Park Field Trip

It won’t be long into the semester before it’s time for another field trip! This time you’ll head to the Albufera Natural Park, the largest lake in Spain and one of the most important wetlands in the Iberian peninsula.

In these wetlands, you’ll discover rare species of birds and a variety of wildlife. You’ll spend the day exploring the lake by boat and learning about the wetlands.

Peñíscola Field Trip

Often referred to as the “Gibraltar of Valencia,” and locally as “The City in the Sea,” Peñíscola features a fortified seaport with plenty of history and a lighthouse.

Chilches and San Jose Caves

Located in the southern part of the province, the Chilches village was founded in Roman times. The village rises 22 feet above sea level and you’ll enjoy a day exploring the caves and spending time on the beach.

Sierra Calderona and Sagunto Field Trip

Can you believe we fit so many field trips into one semester? This time you’ll head to the natural park of Sierra Calderona mountain range and visit one of the best castles in Spain in the city of Sagunto.

Cuenca & La Ciudad Encantada

The Ciudad Encantada is one of the most beautiful corners of Spain. You’ll spend the day exploring the unique rock formations which have been formed over centuries by changing patterns of ice, wind, and water.

Sailing the Mediterranean Sea

While field trips are a great way to learn outside the classroom, there are plenty of academic courses that will also put you outside. By far the most unique course in Valencia is Sailing the Mediterranean Sea. That’s right, you’ll earn credit for hopping on a sailboat and cruising the Mediterranean waters around Valencia.

Dance Class

This is not your typical dance class. During the semester you’ll learn a variety of traditional dance moves including the salsa, flamenco, and more!

Cooking Class

Valencia is the home of paella (a delicious seafood, meat, and rice dish) that you’ll dream about for years after living in Spain. It’d be a travesty to spend any significant amount of time in Valencia without learning how to make paella. In the cuisine class, you’ll spend the semester learning how to make this traditional dish alongside a variety of other local cuisines.

Operation Management Class

You’ll get the first-hand, outside of class experience when you visit a local electric company to see how operation management works in a real-life corporation.

Language Partners

The best way to learn the Spanish language and culture while sharing your knowledge with the locals.

Volunteer at the American Space

The most rewarding way to get involved in the community is to volunteer while abroad. There are a variety of volunteer options available to students but a favorite is through the American Space. The American Space is an organization whose main objective is to promote mutual understanding between Spain and the United States. You’ll meet with local students and other Americans to exchange ideas, stories, and knowledge.

Tutoring Kids

Whether you’re looking to get more involved, love children, or simply want to give back, students have a variety of tutoring options available. You’ll spend several hours a week in local schools helping students learn English. You can work on your Spanish as well!

Watching Futbol

While you’ll never be at a loss for things to do while abroad, you’ll want to be sure to explore the local activities. One such activity is attending a futbol game because soccer is to Europe as American football is to the U.S. You’ll definitely want to hit up a local sports store to grab a Valencia jersey before heading to the Mestalla Football Stadium.

On-Campus Sports

Be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities to participate on-campus. You can join the USAC basketball team and compete against local students.

This is just a handful of the opportunities available to you when you study abroad with USAC in Valencia, Spain! To learn more about Valencia and to apply to spend a summer, semester, or year in this beautiful place, visit the USAC website.