16 Alumni Tips for Managing Your Mental Health Abroad

May is National Mental Health Awareness month, and there’s no better time to check in with your mental health then before, during, and after a study abroad.

While study abroad is an amazing experience, it can feel overwhelming at times. Maintaining good mental health while abroad is not only a top priority of USAC for our students, but should be a top priority for yourself when you head on a study abroad program.

The good news is that thousands of students study abroad every year. And while every student’s journey is different, hearing how past students coped with their emotions abroad is a reminder that you’re never alone and there are a variety of help and resources available to all students.

That’s why we reached out to our alumni to ask what tips they have for managing mental health while abroad. From journaling and socializing to appreciating alone time, seeking resources, and everything in between here are their tips.

16 Tips for Managing Mental Health Abroad


Whether you head abroad with a pre-existing condition or are surprised with the emotions you feel once you’re abroad, never feel shame in taking time for yourself and seeking the help of your peers and the USAC staff.

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