Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad with USAC

Here’s our Top 10 reasons to Study Abroad

  1. Change Your Life: explore something different than the routine, grow as an individual, learn about yourself.
  2. Gain New Perspective: experience life outside your borders, make new friends, live with and learn from people of different values, beliefs, and celebrations than your own.
  3. Discover Your Passions: get inspired, test your assumptions, let life surprise you.
  4. Enrich Your Education: blur the lines between inside and outside the classroom, get a new angle on your major, select courses not offered at your home university, learn a language.
  5. Stay on Track to Complete Your Degree: earn university credit, fulfill major/minor requirements, gain experience through volunteering or sign-up for an internship.
  6. Distinguish Yourself: make yourself more marketable to future employers, enhance your interpersonal skills, benefit from your unique understanding of a new part of the world.
  7. Demonstrate Your Adaptability: prove your ability to work with different people, your willingness to communicate across cultural or language barriers, your sense of adventure and problem-solving.
  8. Accomplish More Than Imagined: develop confidence, succeed in taking risks and stretching yourself, try new things.
  9. Prepare for the Future: consider new directions, earn credit and experiences in preparation for graduate/professional school or a career, deepen your knowledge and skills for use in any future situation.
  10. Open the Doors to the Next Opportunity! So much is possible! Students have found new passions, new majors/minors, new job connections, new business opportunities, new directions, new vision. What will you find?

To round things off, here is our video Introducing the World – USAC Study Abroad Program,

If you’re curious to see where you can go here are our locations with 25 countries to choose from!